Antranig Vartanian

March 29, 2023

After weeks of thinking, I decided that I need to fork Jailer. Yes, I want to fork my own code. There are two reasons to do this.

  1. Keep the promise of Jailer being “very compatible with FreeBSD”
  2. Have a new version that pushes these limits of compatibility.

The fork is going to be named bant, which is Armenian for jail. I think weโ€™re all tired of Greek names at this point ๐Ÿ™‚

Iโ€™ll share the details of bant as soon as I have a prototype, which means at least couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, Jailer will be the very-compatible-with-FreeBSD version, that doesnโ€™t brake things and allows new users to use Jails with ease.

Fingers crossedโ€ฆ

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