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I’m Antranig Vartanian, my name is pretty phonetic (ænt·ra·nɪɡ). I’m into computers, politics and life in general.

I grew up in Aleppo, Syria, where 90s computers came to us in the 2000s, which gave me the ability to be a Unix guy because Unix-like systems ran better on older hardware. I saw a SunOS machine in our school library when I was 8, altho I was never able to “understand” what it was.

My first computer was a Pentium III running Windows XP, but quickly after that I moved to Linux, mostly to learn how to crack neighbor’s WiFi. Spoiler Alert: I succeeded.

During the Syrian war we moved to Yerevan, Armenia, where now I live with my beautiful fiancée Lilith.

I spent some time in Europe (Italy, France and The Netherlands) working for data-center companies, but these days I work from home, cafés and cold server-racking rooms.

I am the co-founder and CEO of illuria, Inc., where we focus on cybersecurity and containers. We build ProfilerX (honeypots++) and jailer (container management and orchestration). Both are FreeBSD-based solutions.

I am always available for chat, call or a cup of coffee. I’m a latte guy.

This Weblog

I mainly blog about Unix (FreeBSD, specifically) and Security, sometimes I talk about Music and Armenia, most blog posts are written in matter of minutes while I’m having lunch or before sleep.
Please excuse any typos; sometimes I blog from my iPhone.

Feel free to comment, reply or use the Reply via email button. I read every comment, respond to every email and try to be available in general.

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If you see something you don’t agree with feel free to put your thoughts in the comment section or email me personally, as long as it’s respectful. I love reading about opposing views and other people’s preferences. It’s the only way to grow!

Other Weblogs

This Website

Currently this website runs on WordPress, with couple of plugins (MFA, ActivityPub, Classic Editor and SMTP).

The server running this blog lives in my house, physically. Yes, yes, I’m from the “The cloud is someone else’s computer” gang.

It’s powered using

Historically, this website had other addresses and blogging systems, in reverse chronological order:

  • weblog.antranigv.am
  • antranigv.am/weblog_en/ using Hugo

As far as I know, all redirects are working properly, if you see something missing, feel free to contact me.





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